#1 Developing Team Mood Tracker with analogue techniques: How to use a Mood Board

Developing a completely new software requires different steps before we actually come to the "developing stage". Having done that for several years and many customers - doing it for my own product requires something completely new. New perspectives. Other people being involved. Bringing my inside thoughts into the world. Touchable. Moveable. 


This is, what we are doing here. Creating an analogue Mood Board. Designers usually do that digitally.


Step one: collecting ideas about the software:


  • forms 
  • colours
  • perspectives
  • fonts

What the guys from www.visualistik.de did was taking their holiday pictures and printing them out to put them all on one table. Now it was my task to screen through and to pick the ones which touched my heart. What colors would I love to see in my software? What forms did I like most? What fonts literally speak to me?


What you see on the pictures are the results of our weekly offline - in person - meeting.


Brilliant ideas and lot's of motivation I took back to my own office.


Let's see, what's on next week.




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    Lui (Thursday, 05 October 2017 20:03)

    wow, that's great. i never know about this before. thank you for sharing this information